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Welcome to the homepage of the Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU), dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of geophysical research.

We represent the interests of Canadian geoscientists through annual scientific meetings, awards programs, interactions with funding agencies, and advocating for the role of science in society and policy-making. We particularly encourage student participation through travel grants to the annual meeting, and an extensive series of student awards.

Earth Sciences are key to Canada’s prosperity, safety, sustainability, and sovereignty. Understanding Earth Science processes forms the basis of efficient and effective management of Earth’s resources, and allows us to reduce risk and hazards from more devastating Earth system processes.


the scientific study of Earth and its environment, and serve as a national focus for the geophysical sciences in Canada.


through the organization and sponsorship of conferences and the publication and dissemination of scientific results.


between the Canadian geophysical community and other national and international scientific organizations.


of geophysical knowledge with that of other sciences concerned with the improvement of life on Earth.

A strong CGU is a strong voice for Canadian geophysics -

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iugg2019IUGG Coming to Canada in 2019!

There was considerable excitement in the competition to host the next IUGG Assembly in 2019. Canada (Montreal) was in competition with India (Delhi). 42 countries within the IUGG Council had the right to vote – the result was a narrow win for Canada (25 votes to 17). Thus Canada will prepare over the next four years to host an exciting and vibrant Assembly bringing top-rate scientists together. We look forward to involving all Canadian geoscientists in this process.

Click on the image to download the Canadian Application PDF (14mb)

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