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Project Manager
Prairie WaterSave
National Hydrology Research Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Prairie WaterSave is a project funded by the Global Water Futures Program at the University of Saskatchewan that focuses on improving sustainable water management and enhancing water resilience under a changing climate for Prairie communities. The project will develop 1) Prairiespecific large-basin and local watershed-scale models that predict runoff, groundwater recharge and wetland function across the region under changing climate and its variability; 2) new assessments of groundwater resources and their sustainable management; 3) a multi-stakeholder process for determining how to mobilize science with communities and link science with governance; and 4) a set of decision support tools to help users understand the short and long term impacts of water management decisions across the Prairie’s diverse industrial, agricultural and community sectors.

This position provides scientific and logistic support to the Prairie WaterSave project and its members. This will involve liaising with Canadian academic and government scientists and community partners. Duties will include providing technical and other support to the Project’s Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Christopher Spence, and the Scientific and Advisory Committees and a wide range of stakeholders in developing, implementing and reporting for an integrated research programme. Major duties include:

  • Assist the PI to ensure coherence, alignment, and integration of Prairie WaterSave scientific projects and research teams in order to achieve overarching programme objectives and deliverables primarily working with:
    • each of the project theme leaders, and other key investigators, and supporting other project staff to coordinate and assist in the direction of planned and ongoing research activities;
    • the Advisory Committee, various international research institutions, and key partners, to ensure Prairie WaterSave scientific activities are aligned with the needs and evolving priorities of Prairie communities;
    • other Global Water Futures project principal investigators to ensure activities are synergistically aligned among Prairie WaterSave and the other projects.
    • Facilitate linkages with the Global Water Futures core teams (technical, modelling, computer science).
  • Actively participate in Prairie WaterSave research activities and contribute scientific advancements aligned with the programme objectives (i.e. promote cross-cutting activities and review, integration, and synthesis research initiatives), particularly those associated with classifying Prairie watersheds using geographic information systems and associated databases.
  • Assist the principal investigator with budget management, including ensuring timely and efficient distribution of funds to scientific team members, oversight of spending aligned with project objectives, and reporting to the Global Water Futures program.
  • Oversee and direct data management activities, including but not limited to development and implementation of a clear, concise, and coherent data policy suited to the needs and unique circumstances of the Prairie WaterSave project and aligned with the Global Water Futures programme by liaising with the Global Institute for Water Security Data Manager and other data management personnel to ensure timely submission of observational and model datasets, quality assurance and quality control of these data, archiving and database maintenance, and open access and distribution of datasets to the GWF membership, other users, and the public
  • With the principal investigator, key project investigators, Community Liaisons, and the Global Water Futures knowledge mobilization core team, coordinate communications and outreach of scientific activities and outcomes, development of public communication products, website content and design, engagement in media relations, and coordination of outreach with stakeholder and user groups, including members of the Advisory Committee and other key policy makers;
  • Organize Prairie WaterSave regular working meetings and science events, including partner/user workshops and symposia.
  • Represent Prairie WaterSave by presenting research outcomes at national and international conferences, propose and organize special scientific sessions at these conferences, publish scientific papers in key peer-reviewed journals, and propose and oversee special issue journal publications on Prairie WaterSave topics.
  • Identify internal and external communications, budgetary and scientific progress, reporting obligations and with the PI draft and co-write formal scientific and business progress reports to the Global Water Futures programme and other funding partners to ensure their completion;
  • Develop and implement protocols for tracking progress (using both qualitative and quantitative metrics), ensuring completion of milestones and objectives, and identifying key outcomes at multiple levels, from sub-projects within themes to integrated activities across each theme;
  • Assist research and administrative staff, students, and other highly qualified personnel in the performance of their duties as they pertain to the scientific and knowledge mobilization aspects of the programme;
  • Provide mentorship and facilitate internal and external networking opportunities among multiple research teams, and coordinate joint activities to enhance training and other professional development opportunities.

The position requires discretion, a high level of integrity, and independent judgment. Impact of error is high as significant strategic and operational decisions are undertaken based on the accuracy of information provided from this position. With multiple tasks and stakeholders, the ability to manage conflicting needs is essential.

The position is located at the National Hydrology Research Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Salary is $70,000 per year, plus benefits. This is a limited term appointment available for the period July 1, 2017 to May 31, 2020.

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