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Research project for a post-doctoral internship
– hydrology, hydrogeology and wetlands –

Title: Modelling hydrological connectivity of geographically isolated wetlands in a temperate forest of the Canadian Shield
Location: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department and GEOTOP Research Center (, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), 201 ave. Président Kennedy, Montréal (Québec), Canada

Project description: A multidisciplinary project was initiated in the fall 2017 to evaluate the ecological impacts of forest management practices in the temperate forest of the Kenauk Nature Reserve in the Outaouais region (Québec, Canada). Within this project, a post-doctoral internship is proposed to better understand how forest management practices affect the local hydrology of geographically isolated wetlands and how they affect wetland hydrological and hydrogeological connectivity within the forest. The objectives of this post-doctoral internship are 1) to understand the local hydrological dynamics of geographically isolated wetlands and 2) to model the hydrological connectivity of these wetlands at the scale of the forest stand. The postdoctoral researcher will use statistics, time series analyses to analyze existing and newly acquired hydrological data, and models to simulate and better understand current and future hydrological connectivity of geographically isolated wetlands. The impact of changing climate conditions on wetland connectivity will also be investigated. The research will benefit from existing data on the research site (wetlands already instrumented and characterized, local weather station, regional geological and hydrological data, and climate scenarios). This postdoctoral research will contribute to develop better adapted approaches to protect geographically isolated wetlands and their biodiversity.

Research domain: Hydrology, hydrogeology, flow modeling, wetland sciences

Starting date: Spring 2018 to fall 2019 (18 months)

Supervisor: Prof. Marie Larocque, PhD, hydrogeologist and civil engineer

Salary: 40 000$/yr

Diplomas and experience: PhD diploma in Geology, Geography or Civil Engineering; experience in wetland sciences, flow modelling, and data analysis; because UQAM is a francophone university, some knowledge of French will also be considered positively.

How to submit an application: Candidates are invited to send, before May 1st 2018, a presentation letter, a complete CV, copies of MSc and PhD transcripts, as well as the coordinates of two references (to be contacted later) to Prof. Marie Larocque (

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