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Join us at the CGU's 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario.

CGU Call for Abstracts

A highlight of CGU membership is the Annual Scientific Meeting, which provides the opportunity to network with geoscientists from across the country. Collaborative and networking opportunities are enhanced by hosting meetings jointly with complementary scientific societies. In 2024 the CGU will be joined by the Canadian Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (CSAFM).

Meetings provide the opportunity to:

-Present current research to geoscientific colleagues and learn about the activities of other geoscientists.
-Emphasize Canadian-focused research alongside global research.
-Recognize and support winners of CGU awards and student paper awards.
-Attend invited and plenary presentations.
-Attend information sessions held by granting agencies.
-Participate in annual Section and Executive meetings.
-Participate in geoscience and professional development workshops.

We invite you to submit an abstract for inclusion in the list of presentations in this year’s annual meeting. Please review the session descriptions and then submit your abstract(s).

Fee: $55 per abstract. This fee is non-refundable.

Deadline: Monday, March 11, 2024 at 11:59pm PST

Speakers are responsible for their own registration fees, travel and accommodation to the annual meeting.

This event is taking place in person, in Ottawa, Ontario, May 26-29, 2024.

CGU Statement Against Racism

The Canadian Geophysical Union represents a diverse group of people who study biogeochemistry, Earth surface processes, geodesy, hydrology and the solid Earth. We are students, teachers and researchers. Many of us are deeply affected by recent acts of racism and the continuing systemic oppression of black people, indigenous people and people of colour through ongoing institutional and societal racism. We want everyone in our Society and broader community to be treated equally in their home institutions, their professional spaces, and in the outdoors where many of us carry out our research. We encourage all our members to educate themselves on the ways in which racism manifests in their own lives and workplaces and how they can push back against it. The Canadian Geophysical Union’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee is working to dismantle systemic discrimination in our Union.

We represent the interests of Canadian geoscientists through annual scientific meetings, awards programs, interactions with funding agencies, and advocating for the role of science in society and policy-making. We particularly encourage student participation through travel grants to the annual meeting, and an extensive series of student awards.

Earth Sciences are key to Canada’s prosperity, safety, sustainability, and sovereignty. Understanding Earth Science processes forms the basis of efficient and effective management of Earth’s resources, and allows us to reduce risk and hazards from more devastating Earth system processes.


Our goal is to advance and promote the scientific study of Earth and its environment, and serve as a national focus for the geophysical sciences in Canada.


We strongly encourage all forms of communication through the organization and sponsorship of conferences and the publication and dissemination of scientific results.

We aim to foster cooperation between the Canadian geophysical community, local, national and international scientific organizations, as well as provincial and federal policy makers.
Ultimately, we promote integration of geophysical knowledge with that of other sciences concerned with the improvement of life on Earth.


Membership reminder

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CGU News


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