Master’s student projects in hydrology/biogeochemistry at Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

We are currently seeking two Canadian Master’s students at Dalhousie University in the Centre for Water Resource Studies:

Project 1: Quantifying and enhancing peatland carbon balance in the face of encroaching development in Atlantic Canada. This project will involve field measurement and modelling of hydrologic and biogeochemical processes in natural and disturbed Halifax-area wetlands in collaboration with the municipal government. Peatlands are the largest terrestrial carbon store, and this project aims to improve management and development around peatlands as a climate change mitigation strategy. A September 2023, January 2024 or May 2024 start is possible. Dr. Lauren Somers is the lead supervisor (research website).

Project 2: Climate change impacts on community groundwater resources in Nova Scotia. This project will involve hydrological monitoring and modelling of groundwater recharge dynamics in Nova Scotia and application of climate change projections. Most of Nova Scotia’s rural population depends on groundwater for drinking water and this project aims to improve our understanding of climate change impacts on this important water resource. A September 2023 start is preferred. The supervisory team includes Dr. Lauren Somers, Dr. Barret Kurylyk, and Dr. Rob Jamieson.

Prospective graduate students should have (or will have) an undergraduate degree in engineering, geoscience/earth science, environmental science or a related discipline and have a history of academic excellence. To apply, email your CV with a short description of your research interests and experience to Dr. Lauren Somers (

To apply for this job email your details to