Postdoctoral Researcher: Effective, resilient, and sustainable groundwater conservation

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Position: Postdoctoral Researcher: Effective, resilient, and sustainable groundwater conservation

Start date: Late 2022/early 2023 (flexible)
Overview: We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with a passion for groundwater sustainability and socio-environmental research to contribute to an NSF-funded project investigating the social and environmental factors that influence the effectiveness, resilience, and sustainability of self-governing groundwater conservation programs in Kansas and Colorado. The successful candidate will lead the development of an open source Crop-Hydrological-Agent Modeling Platform (CHAMP) that will couple together groundwater models, crop models, and agent-based models to investigate feedbacks and interactions among humans and water resources in irrigated agricultural landscapes. The postdoc and other project members will use CHAMP to evaluate factors affecting the resilience and sustainability of groundwater-dependent agriculture in Kansas and Colorado. Thus, the ideal candidate would have strong technical skills for working with and coupling social and environmental models, an interest in advancing human-water systems theory, and a desire to engage with an interdisciplinary team of researchers.
Supervisor and location: Sam Zipper, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas. The postdoc will work closely with collaborators at Virginia Tech, Colorado School of Mines, and Purdue University.

To apply:  (review begins March 21)