Tenure-track Tier 2 CRC – Watershed-Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions

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The Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) is seeking applications from Environmental Science professionals for an NSERC Tier 2 Canada Research Chair position in the field of Watershed-Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions. The ideal candidate must be able to make an outstanding contribution to the development of scientific programming at the Centre de recherche sur les interactions bassins versants écosystèmes aquatiques (RIVE) while enhancing the Centre’s reputation on the international stage. The RIVE team conducts basic, applied and participatory research, with a mission to understand and anticipate how ecosystems and hydrosystems function in order to support sustainable management and rehabilitation practices that will protect and improve the health of the St. Lawrence River watersheds and those in the North. The work of the Centre is organized into four research axes: the ecology of communities and the functioning of ecosystems; the dynamics of hydrosystems; the effects of environmental change on ecosystems and hydrosystems; and the rehabilitation, protection and management of ecosystems and hydrosystems. RIVE offers a highly dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment in which graduate student education plays a vital role. The successful individual must, therefore, demonstrate the ability to build and lead an academic team while being able to create and maintain collaborative links with other researchers at the Centre.

More details here: https://oraprdnt.uqtr.uquebec.ca/pls/public/docs/GSC4276/O0002630772_Tier_2_CRC_RIVE_2020.pdf

To apply for this job please visit oraprdnt.uqtr.uquebec.ca.