Two PhD scholarships in volcanology at INRS

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Title: Assessment of magma fragmentation processes from the characteristics of volcanic ash

Two fully funded PhD positions in volcanology. Both projects will address magma fragmentation processes and eruptive styles in mafic monogenetic volcanoes such as scoria cones, maars, and tuff rings. Samples of volcanic ash from well-defined eruptive styles will be obtained through new field work (if the sanitary situation allows it) and international collaborators. The juvenile part of the ash will then be characterized in the laboratory using a standardized protocol. The long-term vision is being able to interpret the fragmentation mechanism for volcanic eruptions using the characteristics of juvenile pyroclasts. This will allow to better reconstruct past eruptions at active volcanoes to help predict their future behaviour and mitigate hazards.

Project 1, to start in September 2021, will focus on scoria cones and different magmatic eruptive styles, ideally including Hawaiian, Strombolian, violent Strombolian and subplinian.

Project 2, to start in September 2021 or January 2022, will deal with maars and tuff rings, which mostly form from phreatomagmatic eruptions. Students will have the opportunity to present their results in international conferences and high-level scientific journals.

Research supervision: Pierre-Simon Ross

Required qualifications
The ideal candidates will have a research-focussed MSc degree in Earth science or geology; strong writing skills preferably demonstrated by a publication in an international journal; field work experience, preferably in volcanic environments; and a passion for science and discovery.

How to apply

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