Solid Earth Bylaws

Solid Earth Bylaws Written on March 10, 2009; adopted by the CGU Solid Earth Section at the Toronto Joint CGU-AGU-GAC-MAC meeting, May 2009. Downloadable PDF version: SES Bylaws CANADIAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION SOLID EARTH SECTION By-laws 1. NAME and RATIONALE The name of this organization shall be the Solid Earth Section of the Canadian Geophysical Union. Solid Earth geophysics is the … Read more

Solid Earth Section

Solid Earth Section Research in this Section focuses on the physics and chemistry of the solid Earth and the liquid core of the Earth, including geomagnetism, paleomagnetism, marine geology/geophysics, chemistry and physics of minerals, rocks, volcanology, seismology, geodesy, gravity, and tectonophysics. The CGU Solid Earth Section was started in 2009 with the following objectives:


By-laws Downloadable PDF copy of Bylaws By-Law no. 1 A by-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of The Canadian Geophysical Union / Union Géophysique Canadienne (the “Corporation”)   TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0…..General 2.0…..Membership 3.0…..Membership dues, Termination and Discipline 4.0…..Meeting of Members 5.0…..Directors 6.0…..Meetings of Directors 7.0…..Officers 8.0…..Notices 9.0…..Dispute Resolution 10.0…Effective Date Be it enacted as a Bylaw … Read more

Hydrology Bylaws

Hydrology Bylaws November 27, 2001 CANADIAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION HYDROLOGY SECTION Download a PDF version: Hydrology Bylaws Bylaws 1. NAME The name of this organization shall be the Hydrology Section of the Canadian Geophysical Union. Hydrology is a geophysical science concerned with physical and geochemical processes intrinsic to the cycling of continental waters. It deals with the properties of water, its … Read more

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Welcome to the homepage of the Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU), dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of geophysical research.   Join us at the CGU’s 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting in Banff, AB. Information for presenters is available here. We represent the interests of Canadian geoscientists through annual scientific meetings, awards programs, interactions with funding agencies, and advocating for the role … Read more