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Logo Competition

The CGU Biogeosciences section is soliciting submissions from students for ideas for a new section logo. Please email the BGS Secretary with a pdf file of your logo creation before the end of November 2015. We are looking for a colourful logo with elements that encompass the interdisciplinary biological, geological, geographical, and chemical aspects that weave together into Biogeosciences. The word “Biogeosciences” could, but does not have to, appear on the logo. The winning submission will be used in all section promotion materials, including the section web presence, and the author of the submission will receive a cash prize of $100.

Recent Biogeoscience News

  • Agriculture to mountains – CGU members study it all

    Agriculture to mountains – CGU members study it all

    CGU members study everything from agriculture to mountain-building Earlier this month, CGU member Merrin Macrae, Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo, was interviewed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. She talked about her research on …Read More »
  • CGU Members in ERL

    CGU Members in ERL

    CGU member research profiled on Environmental Research Web Stephen Déry, CRC in Northern Hydrometeorology, University of Northern British Columbia Stephen and his colleagues published a new study examining changes in Northern Hemisphere snow-cover extent from 2006-2014, in comparison to a …Read More »
  • CGU Section Awards 2015

    CGU Section Awards 2015

    Students are a big part of the CGU – and we have an awards program to support them. In addition to the student-focused scholarships and awards discussed in our previous post, each individual Section has a student presentation award. Biogeosciences …Read More »
  • CGU Student Awards 2015

    CGU Student Awards 2015

    In this installment of 2015 CGU Award winners, we’re highlighting student winners of Union level awards Stan Paterson Scholarship in Canadian Glaciology Congratulations Jill Rajewicz! The Stan Paterson Scholarship in Canadian Glaciology honours Dr. Stan Paterson, a preeminent Canadian glaciologist …Read More »