Hydrology is the study of the properties, distribution, and effects of water on the earth's surface, in the soil and underlying rocks, and in the atmosphere. Hydrologists study water availability in the past, present, and future, and interactions with both human and natural systems. Established in 1993, the CGU Hydrology Section (CGU-HS) brings together scientists from all branches of hydrology with the following aims and objectives:

hydrology as a geophysical science & advance the understanding and application of hydrology and related sciences
and participate in research and education programs in hydrology
national and international cooperation among scientific and engineering organizations working in hydrology
research results and knowledge to the public through scientific discussion, meetings and conferences, publications and other means of information and technology transfer

The CGU-Hydrology Section awards two annual student prizes: the D.M. Gray Student Paper Award in Hydrology and the Campbell Scientific Student Poster Award in Hydrology. See details under the For Students menu to the right. The Hydrology Section is also the umbrella organization for the CGU-HS International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) Nominating Committee.


You can join the Hydrology Section by declaring HS affiliation when applying for or renewing your CGU membership. Affiliation with CGU-HS ensures that you’re kept up to date on current issues of interest in the field of geodesy, important Section news, and relevant deadlines for conferences and events.

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Contact us via the Section Secretary.

Scott Ketcheson, Hydrology Section Secretary

Athabasca University
E-Mail: sketcheson@athabascau.ca