Hydrology: Committees

The CGU-HS has several sub-committees on topics of interest to HS members. These committees work to advance scientific knowledge and application of research in their field, and often arrange special sessions at CGU meetings. For more information, contact the Chair of the committee, or see the committee reports on the Publications page.

Committee on Permafrost-Hydrogeology Interactions


  • Establish a collaborative research and development network to improve knowledge transfer and educational opportunities by facilitating scientific sessions and short courses in association with the Canadian Geophysical Union annual meeting and other with other scientific societies.
  • Present multi-author conference papers on Canadian permafrost – hydrogeology interactions as a means to develop committee member collaborations on case studies and process research.
  • Stimulate self-sustaining education, research and outreach concerning permafrost and hydrogeological interactions in Canada to support Northern needs and issues
  • Chairs: Chris Spence (Environment and Climate Change Canada) and Peter Morse (Natural Resources Canada)

    Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment (CRIPE)


  • To identify specific high-priority river ice topics for research and development and promote the undertaking of relevant research programs.
  • To facilitate information dissemination and exchange of ideas on river ice among practitioners, researchers, and resource managers.
  • To encourage the incorporation of pertinent river ice lectures or courses in undergraduate and graduate studies at Canadian Colleges and Universities.
  • Chair: Brian Morse (Université Laval)

    Northern Research Basins Committee

    Objectives: To participate in the International Northern Research Basins (NRB) working group, by sending delegates to annual workshops.
    Chair: William Quinton (Wilfrid Laurier University)

    Committee on Isotope Tracers

    Objectives: To promote and advance the understanding and application of isotopic tracer techniques in hydrology and related sciences.
    Chair: Trish Stadnyk (University of Manitoba)

    Hydroecology Committee

    Objective: To promote and advance the understanding of the linkages between hydrology and ecology in wetland, lake, and river systems across Canada.
    Chair: Daniel Peters (Environment Canada, University of Victoria) and Wendy Monk (University of New Brunswick)

    Canadian Young Hydrologic Society

    Objective: To promote the interaction and engagement of young hydrologists within the broader Canadian hydrological community.
    Chair: Nadine Shatilla (McMaster University)​
    Co-Chair: Kelly Biagi (McMaster University)​

    Committee on Hydro-climatic Impacts and Adaptation​

    Objective: To advance the development of methods and tools for better understanding of the hydrologic and aquatic ecosystem impacts of climate change and developing adaptation measures to mitigate the potential impacts.
    Chair: Rajesh Shrestha, Yonas Dibike and Daniel Peters (Environment and Climate Change Canada)