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Invitation to attend NRB23 in Northern Sweden Aug 20th – 25th

    • This year’s Northern Research Basins (NRB) Symposium in Sweden is happening August 20th-25th, 2023. Laura Brown and Murray Richardson are the Deputy and Chief Canadian NRB working group delegates, respectively, tasked with assembling this year’s contingent of Canadian delegates and ensure good representation of northern Canadian hydrology research at the meeting. If you are a high-latitude hydrology researcher and wish to participate, please contact Laura Brown (lc.brown@utoronto.ca) and (murray.richardson@carleton.ca) via email and plan to submit an abstract by May 31st. Please see below for more details and visit the conference website at https://nrb23.se/.  The estimated overall costs including all expenses (bus, all food, accommodation, some fees, etc) will be around 1200€ for the whole week (Sunday to Friday). The final price will depend on the total number of participants and will be lower for people willing to share their room. Cost information will be provided by the organizing committee when the number of registrants is confirmed.

Recent CGU HS News

  • Change in Size of B.C. Glaciers (1985-2005)

    Change in Size of B.C. Glaciers (1985-2005)

    “Glaciers get bigger and smaller — or advance and retreat — in response to changes in climate over time scales from decades to centuries. Glaciers thus respond to long-term changes in climate. This indicator measures changes in area of glacier ice coverage from 1985 to 2005 and changes in volume …Read More »
  • CGU Member Dan Moore receives APEGBC Meritorious Award

    CGU Member Dan Moore receives APEGBC Meritorious Award

    Congratulations to Dan Moore who has been awarded the Meritorious Achievement Award by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC). A nice APEGBC video about Dan here.    Read More »
  • CGU Scientist receives international award

    CGU Scientist receives international award

    Congratulation to the CGU’s Jeff McDonnell for receiving the J. W. George Ivany award at the University of Saskatchewan. This award recognizes outstanding contributions by scholars or administrators in furthering the process of internationalization. Jeff McDonnell was the recipient of the J.W. George Ivany Internationalization Award for his dedication to …Read More »
  • CGU member on Western drought

    CGU member on Western drought

    CGU member perspectives on Western drought CGU member John Pomeroy (CRC in Water Resources & Climate Change, University of Saskatchewan) has provided commentary to a number of media outlets on the ongoing Western drought. John is a member of the CGU’s Hydrology Section, and a past President of the CGU. …Read More »
  • CGU Members in the Arctic

    CGU Members in the Arctic

    CGU members’ Arctic research in the spotlight Iqaluit is looking for a new water supply, and CGU member Melissa Lafrenière is doing the research. Lafrenière has been studying the Apex River since 2013 to determine water quality and its sustainability as a water supply. She is an Associate Professor of …Read More »