CGU Members in the Arctic

CGU members’ Arctic research in the spotlight

Melissa Lafreniere
Melissa Lafrenière at the Apex River field site (Photo from CBC).

Iqaluit is looking for a new water supply, and CGU member Melissa Lafrenière is doing the research. Lafrenière has been studying the Apex River since 2013 to determine water quality and its sustainability as a water supply. She is an Associate Professor of Geography at Queen’s University, and a member of the CGU’s Hydrology Section.

Luke Copland
Luke Copland, University of Ottawa (Photo by Dorata Medrzycka).

CGU member Luke Copland was in Iqaluit this week presenting research on Arctic icebergs to Transport Canada and several shipping companies. He’s been leading a research program looking at iceberg calving from Arctic glaciers and the implications for Arctic shipping. Luke is an Associate Professor and University Research Chair in Glaciology at the University of Ottawa, and a member of the CGU’s Hydrology Section.